Thanks so much for checking out my space!
I’ve been obsessed with capturing moments since high school, back when phone quality pictures weren’t good enough and my point and shoot was the only option for a 14-year-old to capture family gatherings and dance competitions. (I’ve since upgraded equipment!)
I’ve realized that I love nostalgia and I think that’s why I love stalling time with photographs and to remember things, and believe me when I say I remember everything! It scares me how much I remember about people and their stories.
My sister once pointed out that she does not like super edited photos or filters that make moments look “too good” or unrealistic. I have to say I feel the same way. I love trying to keep the moment as pure as possible. That means knowing how to shoot with the light/space you’re given. If you’re looking for super edited photos or video I’m probably not who you’re looking for.
I believe moments in peoples lives are pure and special and I want to showcase that as much as possible. I strive to use movement and light to make those moments special.
My first love is video with photography at a very close second!
I currently work for Comcast Spotlight making commercials for local clients and letting them tell their story through a 30second video! I also capture Weddings through video with my friend Will, our company is called Second Cup Studios! Check us out 🙂
If you want to invest in your most treasured moments’ lets chat!