Being a Creative

The simple textbook definition of a creative is “having or showing an ability to make new things or think of new ideas”. Another version is “using the ability to make and think of new things: involving the process by which new ideas, stories, etc are created”.

I wanted to explore this topic because at my new job I am considered the “creative” part of a team. When I hear or see the word creative I think of a lot of different things but I’m not sure if I have ever considered myself a “creative” until now. The part of the definition that sticks out to me is New Ideas! We live in an age where movies are based off of books and people would rather watch the latest show on Netflix (I’m guilty of this too) than take a photograph or write a blog. The world of “Creatives” has been around the entire existence of the world and it is not going anywhere, it has defiantly gone down in numbers though. People are not pushed to be creative anymore, although there are a lot of great programs all over the nation trying to fight this fad.

I think why it is hard for people to be creative is because they think they have to be perfect the first time around, that it needs to go viral or have a deep meaning. If I have learned anything from being a “creative” is that you have to fail, you have to keep pushing and you have to surround yourself with people who are going to push you in a good way. Every time I have failed I have either let it define me (don’t do this) or I have let it push me to be better, make improvements and squash those failures. When I look back at my work from a year ago I am always seeing if I have improved and hopefully I have in some way or another. I also try to surround myself with like minded people who know the industry or are at or above the level I am currently. I am constantly asking for feedback on everything I create. I want it to be the best it can, but I have to realize that I am still growing.

Being a creative in any form of art allows for improvement, there is always room for learning and collaborating. Especially in the video and photography industry! Collborating with friends of mine is one of my favorite things to do and every time it has pushed me  and stretched me in every way possible. Take peoples word for value and be constantly learning because every great creative has to start somewhere. Take those ideas an actually do something with them!


These are just a few of the people in my life who push my creativity and I will always be super grateful for them!DSC00057

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