A Romantic Evening to Remember: Nathan + Elizabeth

Floating Lanterns, Golden Hour and Romantic Surprise of a Lifetime.

As soon as Nathan called me about this project I knew I had to jump on board and come up with a plan to showcase his elaborate plan! The short version of the plan was that we would travel to Pigeon Forge, TN (where Elizabeth was staying for summer) so he could surprise her and propose! I knew that she would love a video of the day over photos but I wanted to do both! I ultimately decided to go with video first and photos with family after. I wanted to showcase the entire day and road tripping for 6 hours had to be included, I started with shots of Nathan and his friends driving to TN, capturing just a short version of the ride to give the audience an idea of how much was put into this proposal. When it came down to the actual proposal I did not happen until dark, mostly so that the floating lanterns could be seen. With the darkness as an issue I had to work with a high ISO, not my favorite thing to do, but it ended up working out in the end. In post, I used one of their favorite songs as the theme for the entire background and it fit so well! “Bright” by Echosmith ended up being the winner. All in all a lot of love was poured into the evening, his and her entire family was able to make the trip as well as a lot of her friends. I know it was a sweet moment for me to capture and I couldn’t be more excited about the final product!

Watch it here on my Vimeo page!

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