It’s okay… Leave the camera behind.


Leave your camera at home.

I know, even typing this just now gave me a slight heart attack. I am known as “the camera girl”, the girl who always brought it “just in case” or because I thought I couldn’t pass up on an opportunity to get the perfect shot. A lot of times we get too caught up in the latest gear, thinking that the only way to achieve success or to gain followers is by having the best all the time. I am guilty of this, I have cameras that I cannot afford in my Amazon cart at all times and I am always looking at what is on sale at B&H. I have been told for the past four years that all you need is a camera, and that means any camera, phone included. I have realized recently that this is very true and is relevant for anyone starting out and for the person who has the latest gear at all times. Having an f-stop of 1.8 is what we all want and we want it to be shown through our Instagram feeds. However who says a phone cant do all of that and more?

We live in a day and age where we can go on weekend adventures and only bring our phones and still be happy with the outcome of our shots. These past two weekends I have gone on some pretty exciting trips that I absolutely wanted to capture but was feeling tired of my camera. We have all been there, lugging it around, not feeling up to manning the settings at all times and mostly I was tired of not actually taking in what I was seeing. Obviously there are moments that having a DSLR is crucial and we wouldn’t be photographers if we did not bring them to the moments that mattered.

These past two weekends I choose to shoot mostly on my phone and I have to say it was freeing. I did however on occasion found myself doubting my decision. When I was at the Bean in Downtown Chicago I saw many people with their cameras getting shots and I immediately questioned my decision. Even though I was doubting myself I knew that the photographer in me was not going to let myself leave that amazing city without some great shots. It all comes with practice, knowing when to shoot, how to and what your style is. I believe that you can still be an amazing photographer regardless what you are shooting with, Instagram is full of phone only users with mind blowing results. I guess what I am trying to say is that challenge yourself, don’t let the gear make you believe your good because of what you own but be good because you can capture art with anything, phone included. Next time you want to challenge yourself leave the camera at home, take your phone and see what you can come up with, I think you’ll be surprised what you can do!


Technical Side of things:

I recently switched from an iPhone to the latest Samsung s7 Edge and I do not regret it at all. I do not hate apple, but switching to the S7 Edge with its amazing camera has made all the difference from when I do leave the camera at home. It allows me to still be picky with my shots, to still get creative and to to still get some depth. The “pro” setting is my favorite right now, it allows me to have full control of every shot, and as a control freak I love that! (iPhone also has this option!) I edit all of my photos with the editing app VSCO and I would highly recommend it if you are not already a user.

All of the photos above were taken on my phone, some edited and some not, but I was pretty happy with even the few shots I got to remember my adventures by and  I am excited to continue challenging myself.

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