A New Chapter.

I have spent a lot of time thinking and collaborating with others on what this should be. “This” meaning a website where I cannot only showcase my best work but hopefully gain business as well. My goal for this is to #1 share my love of video and photography. I have learned so much from others that I feel a need to share how I have gotten to where I am today. I want to share how my sessions went, the good and the bad, I want to share where I am shooting and give tips. I currently live in a small Midwest town so locations are a challenge for me. I want this website to be a place for every visitor to learn something, even if that is just what my name is!

I strive for experience and I long for new adventures, growing every step of the way. Some of my personal goals for this website are that a year from now I can look at this and be proud of my work and the people and stories that I have captured along the way. Storytelling “behind the lens” is my passion. I want to share with others the world and the internet is the best place for that! I am so excited to finally have this website up and running and I look forward to adding to it weekly and gain experience! Let the storytelling begin!


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