Jordyn and Jerod Engagement Session





Vintage. Brick. Urban.

This is by far one of my favorite sessions to date. Everything about this session went the way I wanted it to, despite me feeling uneasy during it. First off, these two might as well be models, they made this almost too easy. I knew that she did not want a traditional engagement session and had a love for vintage things. That is when I decided that a urban scene would need to be the setting. Champaign, IL has a lot to offer including its awesome rustic and vintage downtown area. I choose brick streets, outdoor cafes and tree lined sidewalks for the main locations. All of these combined with a desaturated look, done in post, made this become what it is to date.

As far as the technicality of it all I used my Canon Rebel T3i, I have had this camera for 3 years now and it really is my go to. When I have access to other cameras I use them, but I mostly use what I own. As far as glass goes most of this was shot with the L series 24-105mm and a few shots I used my “thrifty 50mm”  to gain a lot of depth. Especially for ring shots and depth when needed the 50mm is the best. I edited everything in Lightroom and using Photoshop when needed. I shoot everything in RAW to really be able to edit and not loose any quality while editing.

When I shoot I like to really get into the session, getting down low, stepping in dirt, anything to get the shot that is my mind. When I am at a session everything else goes away from my mind except what I am shooting at the time. I always want each session to reflect the couple while staying within my style. This was favorite session to date!


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